The Families

  • I would like to introduce the people I enjoy working with.

Mrs Sripan Malisom and family

A hard working family, everyone helps to run the market and home, the children study hard.  Have a look through the photos to get a better idea of their surroundings. Lovely family.

Mr and Mrs Sinthop.

Responsible for making the purses.  Mr Sinthop does the sewing and Mrs Sinthop the administration, both work hard in the markets. The photos are taken in their house, situated in Wat Temple grounds. Often the Temples allow families that face financial difficulties to live in these premises for a low rental cost.    Mr and Mrs Sinthop work every night in the market, in the famous Night Market and the Sunday walking market in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.  I chose to work with this couple because of their hard working ethics and giving heart. 

Mr Dechang

Humble man, makes all kinds of silk boxes with too many designs to feature full range. As creativity flows so does his colours and designs. He works from home and his wife sells food outside their front porch area. You can find Mr Dechang in The Sunday Market rain or shine. Inspiring to be around him.

Se-Yang family

This family provide work for a chain of families in their area, you will see from the photos how each part of the process, in making the candle holders, is delegated throughout families in the community.  The Se-Yang family bring the finished product to the famous Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai each night and work hard at selling, packing and finding new buyers.  Energetic and fun family.

Mr and Mrs Sununta

A husband and wife team, they make the floral lights together and work in the market every night. Their home has some farmland where their workshop and cows are situated.  They also make bamboo style holders for the flowers, these are made by a local community member.  They have a large fun family, keen to learn new ways of earning a living.  Very hospitable and welcoming.


This lady is an entrepreneur, she is always working and never seems to have time to rest.  Through the photos you will see she comes from a family of hard workers, even her grandma enjoys helping with packaging.  I was privelleged to see around her home and working facilities. She does a lot of research to find the best ingredients for her soaps and oils.  In the photos you will see the process of how the soaps are made and what she has built up from scratch.  Inspiring to see the benefits of hard work.


Big hearts, try and help anyone around them is what springs to mind when i think about them.  I stumbled across them by chance, I saw their herbal range in the market and was attracked by their professionalism and presentation.  On meeting the family I felt I had met people of a same mind, like myself wanting to be self employed but also to generate opportunities for others. It was a pleasure to meet this family, I learn alot from them everu time we talk and learn from their knowledge of the herbal oils, soaps and balms.  Forward thinkers and becoming great friends.


Kai is contented with living an easy life but he works hard in his trade.  He teaches others how to cut and stitch leather, desiging his own leather coats, skirts, key rings, knife holders, boots and shoes.  His very small shop is tucked away in a side street near The Night bazaar in Chiang Mai. 

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